There are several means, defined engineering. In the early century, we can define engineering in civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and architectural subjects which created a tower of experts only apply engineering practice related to these towers.

Techinology Driving Force

As time progresses, technology becomes a driving force for an organization. Engineering no longer speaks to these towers of practice separately, but they come together as one.

Every tower of practice requires understanding the need and impact of engineering to produce the right solution to address issues in their products and services in the organization.

Data On The Internet For Business.

Business in organization heavily depends on technology to improve process and procedures. They need to understand massive data from the Internet to make inform decision. Although other off-line data provides originality based on the right source for the data to be curated into useful information. However, this method is slow, and not able to do proper comparison.

Organization Engineering.

Engineering has grown to become more sophisticated, complexed, distinguished and revolt to be engineered in business and organization. The stakeholders and investors in the organization always have bad terms on engineering and don’t want to invest in engineering in any size of need during the project. 

The stakeholders and investors will only invest enough to get engineering projects running on the first day. 

Maintenance Is Critical.

Once the project handed over to the stakeholders and the investors, there is little or no maintenance cost to sustain the life of equipments in the organization. 

Potential issues raised or catastrophic events occurred because of engineering failure due to lack of maintenance will cause organization to paralyze in their business operation. This will affect organization financially and reputation in the longer run. 

When an organization applies correct engineering practice, inform decision achieved, practical solution deployed, and confidence consumers market achieved.

Prediction Engineering.

Engineering uses science, technology and mathematical knowledge to make products and services that help business for an organization.

When an organization able to predict risk through engineering, they can avoid potential catastrophic event for their products and services and produce quality result.

Engineering uses science, technology and mathematical knowledge to come out with design that helps business making an inform decision on design, and improve maintenance which normally related to works on electrical, chemical, mechanical, civil, architectural and computer engineering.

Engineering developed ways to use materials and forces of nature to create products and services economically that bring value to humanity, society, and economy.

The World Sees Engineering

Perhaps the world does not sees engineering as critical, and only depend on old method to plant, harvest, plough, distribute food to other countries.. Then the world will go into starvation as they can’t enjoy nutritional food, to eat healthily, diseases are everywhere as human did not get enough nutrition, and the world will be in chaotic moment.

God has promised his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to come into this world after the Moses and Abraham to give life and to have life more abundantly. When He says that, He has engineered the world and would give human a better world to stay.

That’s why, as time passed, many prominent scientists and engineers had invented many great things for the human to live life abundantly. 

God has blessed scientists and engineers to continue improving the human life on earth and allow each one to love another and preach good news while waiting for the Second of Christ to return.

The scientists and engineers also created practical ways to provide means of safe usage of products to carry out engineering tasks, such as planting, harvesting, ploughing, constructing, inventing, measuring, creating, inventing and many others engineering invention toward improving human being lifestyles, food production, logistics and supply chain management.

Any person can become an engineer, but to be a good engineer, apart from just studying mathematics, physics, science and technology, a good engineer needs to have a firm grasp of history, economics, ethics, foreign language, music, and writing to make an engineer fully capable of creating, managing, and influencing good engineering practice for the organization 

The first scientist or engineer could be an artist who uses his or her skills to craft a small product for his or her own use. And when the scientist or engineer found these products can help others to improve quality of life, they sold them in the market so that consumers produce the same result or even better result depend on the location and environment where they lived.