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Mitigated Engineering Business Through Risk Assessment.

Proper risk assessment helps to understand and avoid engineering risks.

Forward engineering practice

Simple Customized Engineering Checklist Executes Informed Decision Faster.

Perform customized engineering due-dilligence enc.

  • Provide tailored engineering consultation.
  • Provide technical engineering checklist.
  • Provide technical compliance `know-how’.
  • Provide risk assessment and gap analysis.
  • Provide high-level engineering focus.

Our Specialties

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1)  Market engineering Research services

2)  facility operation inspection services

3)  Due DILIGENCE services

4)  testing and commissioning services

5)  Standard operating procedure services

6)  Playbook  site specific services

7)  r.A.C.I matrix services

…and many more.



What We Can Do For You

We provide engineering consulting services and coaching for your data center, facility or construction management business. With the advance technology that is changing the landscape of  economy, we continue to provide latest and workable engineering solution that help your data center, facility and construction management engineering business operate within operating cost.

We feel coaching is literally unavoidable when it comes engineering implementation.  Coaching our client to deploy workable engineering solution is what it can be seen as a result of Key Performance  based on client business case. 

We use M.O.S.E.S engineering method.(Mandatory.Operate.Sustainable.Engagement.Structure)




engineering inception

We help our client identify engineering services require for their business.

engineering bucket

Prioritize and perform engineering insertion based engineering topic.

engineering visible

Make sense on engineering that works and justify them why this business services should be engineer.

engineering risk assessment

Identify risk and propose mitigation action plan on critical engineering services, mandatory health and safety services , and procurement services.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Sustainable Opportunities For Your Engineering Business. 

There is a sense of urgency to have consistency on engineering but that is not practical. As we live in a world uses different technology, different electrical standards and different geographical landscape, it is impossible to have a consistent engineering services.

The goal in engineering is to produce safe, practical and sustainable product or services that helps to enhance and to improve human life.

If you are reading this article, either sitting down or standing up using a mobile phone, it is all engineered to have the final product or services which can help you to improve your life.


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