God Engineering

God is engineering how we lived our lives daily. The bible tells us that God always engineer daily in our life. He engineered happiness, joy, successes, peace, harmony, and many good things in our life. Often, we disregard the way of the living God righteousness.

When we think about God’s righteousness, we think about what we have done in life to be right with God. That’s not the way of God’s righteousness we should lived for and also not the right way of pursuing the right believe.

God is engineering His ways to us by sending His only begotten Son, Jesus, to die for us and when there is no way, God will provide the way. Through His Son, Jesus, our sins already been long forgotten.

We ought to believe His way is the only way to righteousness and attain salvation through Christ Jesus. The prominent works of God have to work with Christ who has took our sins away and died for at the cross.

God purpose is to let us know how He loves us and gave His only begotten Son Jesus to break free from every bondage in our life. We constantly faced challenges in our life but when we learnt how much He loved us, all our challenges what we are currently facing and in future will all be remove.

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that everyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

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My name is John Yip. I am an independent engineering consultant worked for many multinational companies. I gave engineering consultation on electrical, mechanical, and plumbing services for data center facilities, pharmaceutical plants, and agricultural infrastructure maintenance operations.

I attended New Creation Church in Singapore and Senior Pastor Joseph Prince preached his sermons in an insightful manner. This allowed me to read my bible by understanding the word of God deeply and most of all within the context – which I typically enjoyed.

Now, when I read the bible nowadys, my mind is alert, and my heart receptive to the word of God. Understand the word of God when Pastor Joseph Prince preach, he has always kept me intrigued with Hebrews words.